Saturday, January 21, 2006

A "Chocolate" Sermon

Why did it seem so ‘natural’ when New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin broke into a “Pastor’s” sermon this week in stating that he wants New Orleans to be built into a “chocolate city”? His oratory, replete with the accompanying “amens” and other participatory responses from his audience however lacked backbone, as Nagin later backtracked from his comments because of public indignation to the racial overtones.

Sermons should never be viewed as a “performance” or theater. When given in the right spirit, it is a heartfelt and earnest attempt at delivering Godly wisdom and insight to the audience present.

That Mayor Nagin broke into this genre with his insensitive and inflammatory rhetoric says something about the effects of the misuse of God’s pulpit in modern American history. I pray that Church leaders will consider the humanistic effects of church becoming performance art, and as a result allowing it to be co-opted by others because of it’s crowd pleasing effects.

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