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Iran’s Letter to President Bush

A few weeks ago, Iranian President Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad sent a letter to President Bush as the latest in the continuing political struggle over Iran’s attempt to obtain nuclear capability. Mr. Ahmadi-Najad’s vitriol towards the West, America and Israel in particular has been well chronicled since his ascendancy to the Presidency of Iraq last year. Additionally, his cultural animosity to the Jews combined with his belligerency towards the Jewish state, has significantly raised the stakes in this increasingly tense political standoff with nuclear overtones.

Given this backdrop, it is very easy to dismiss this letter to President Bush, as nothing more than a calculated political stunt aimed at manipulating gullible world opinion in advance of the military stand-offs that are likely to come. This may very well end up being the case, however, as I was had the opportunity to read a transcript of Mr. Ahmadi-Najad letter, I was struck by the occasional scriptural prose of the document, and how…

Westboro Baptist Church - Powered by God's Enemy

I happen to come across this picture this week of an Iraq war protestor. It has to be one of the most absurd and telling images I have seen in a while. The man appears to be "thanking God" for Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) which the terrorists in Iraq have used with successful frequency during the course of the war to kill hundreds of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians. Additionally, the gentleman apparently also believes that God is our enemy. I wonder if it was the same God that he was thanking for the IEDs?

In the picture we see the lush green grass in which this man stands, the large tree that is behind him, the beautiful blue sky that gives him warmth; the strength in his body that allows him to be raising his hand. All provided by the same God whom he proclaims is his enemy. The irony of people like this is that God’s Bible (as is His custom) references their predictable absurdity long before He decided to breathe breath into their bodies. Take the case of God’…

DaVinci Code and the Ten Toes

It is not terribly surprising that the DaVinci Code is a runaway commercial hit throughout the mass media in the last few years. The Devil is always at work trying to undermine the work of Jesus Christ. We as people are mere pawns in his deceptive hands, as he beguiles us with his commands that we as people mistake as the product of our own creative abilities. That I believe is Dan Brown’s current condition. With the adulation of a fawning secular press, Mr. Brown’s book and movie stamps him as a “genius” of literary renown. Look, even an A-List actor such as Tom Hanks confirms Mr. Brown’s brilliance by agreeing to be a “star” in his movie.

King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (modern day Iraq) was told indirectly of the Dan Browns of the world thousands of years ago by a humble Hebrew prophet by the name of Daniel. If you are a Christian, you may know the story told in the Book of Daniel, where King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream about a statue, that was in effect a foretelling by God of the fu…