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Jeremiah Wright - A Love U-Turn

Much of the country has been following the Barack Obama pastor story for the past few weeks, with many being shocked at the vulgarity of the pastor (lower case ‘p’ written intentionally) and the views which he obviously holds for this country and a vast majority of its citizens. The political controversy for Mr. Obama appears to be the implication that by remaining in this church and being obviously close to this pastor for 20 years rightfully suggest that at minimum he himself is not appalled by such vulgar mindset and rhetoric. That may or may not be true. But to a Christian, there is another story here worth exploring. To many in the secular community and secular media, Mr. Wright is in some way representing Christians. He is representing a “leader” who leads on the teachings of Christ! Barack Obama often represents himself as a Christian. More importantly to me, what kind of Christian can be tolerant of such hate speech?

Let’s examine further. From this incident, it appears that mu…