Saturday, August 30, 2008

Caylee Anthony - Two Sides of Murder?

The reaction of most people over the Casey Anthony issue that is currently in the news is almost unanimous. This girl killed her 2 year old daughter! This despite the fact that the authorities have yet to find the body of any baby. The mother’s reaction certainly have had much to do with the universal thought that she knows much about the baby’s demise, particularly her statement early in the search process, when she whined about the fact that “all anyone cares about is finding Caylee” (the missing toddler). Rightfully so, most observers see this as nothing but pure selfishness.

I for one agree wholeheartedly that this woman shows a distinct disinterest in finding her little girl. The portrait of her life appears to be one of a self-absorbed young woman for whom it would not be a stretch to think that she would view a baby as a distraction or worst a “punishment” as Barack Obama has said.

The Barack Obama assessment brings me to the point of this post. If Casey Anthony had gotten rid of her little girl in 2005 vs. 2008, many of those jeering her now would have a very different view about her. Whereas here in the summer of 2008 many think that Casey Anthony did kill little Caylee, if she had had the foresight to have done so only three years earlier, many would have said that Casey Anthony made “her rightful choice" to abort little Caylee. In 2005, little Caylee Anthony would have had no one to care that she is no more.

This highlights the breathtaking incoherence of the pro-abortion position. Little Caylee Anthony was the same person in 2005 and 2008. A beautiful little girl growing up. Now possibly due to the willful act of her mother, Caylee Anthony may indeed be no more.

A God who sends people to Hell?