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Trust Me: there are Real Church Leaders Out There

Another preacher; another alleged sex scandal. As a Christian this all too familiar theme is as maddening as it is disgusting. What this repeated story must do to the unsaved world who you can be sure views the hypocrisy of fallen church leaders with a combination of bemusement, apathy and disdain. All the while being driven further away from the salvation through Jesus Christ that they need to live in true freedom and eternal hope. Yes, I am referring to the news about the Atlanta "mega-preacher" Bishop Eddie Long. Depending on when you may read this post, it is very possible that you can insert the name of some different church leader who may be the fallen leader of that moment.

To be sure, I have no idea whether Mr. Long is guilty of the sexual abuse charges that have been filed against him and I pray that he is indeed innocent. However it is an atmosphere in which he operates that will cause many to refrain from giving him the benefit of the doubt, as exhibited in a quote…