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Mel Gibson & The Stain of Christ

The power and omnipresence of Jesus Christ was on full display recently in the Mel Gibson drunk driving episode. Moral “outrage” has followed, with most outlets piling on the criticism of Mr. Gibson for his ridiculous anti-Semitic tirade during his drunken state. I submit however that the “moral” outcry is far more about Jesus Christ than it is about Mel Gibson.

All of this is no doubt venomous residue remaining within several subgroups from Mel Gibson’s film “The Passion of the Christ”. With that film, Mel Gibson made a lot of enemies in the anti-Jesus-as-Messiah crowd including many Jewish groups, his Hollywood contemporaries, the left leaning media and secularists everywhere. As a result, these groups have had vitriolic animosity toward Mr. Gibson ever since. I can guarantee you that had Mr. Gibson’s hit movie have been “Lethal Weapon 5” or “Mad Max 10”, his drunk driving tirade would have gone completely under the radar, with him remaining firmly ensconced within the bosom of Holly…