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The “Does God Exist” Debate

I’m am one of several thousand people who recently saw the ABC News Nightline debate between Christian evangelists Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort and two avowed Atheists (who shall remain nameless on this blog). Please click here to view the debate.

I really commend both Kirk and Ray based on their revelation that they both came from backgrounds that has a vested interest in the denial of Jesus as God's Messiah. Kirk was himself an Atheist and Ray is Jewish. During the debate, both Kirk and Ray presented their cases with humility, earnestness and respect for everyone present including their Atheist counterparts. As one might expect, you could not say the same for the Atheist presenters. Say what you will about their positions on God, their demeanor and countenance was decidedly arrogant, sarcastic and lacking in a similar respect for their colleagues on the stage. If a person had come into the auditorium or tuned into the broadcast and knew nothing about the subject matter, it is hig…