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Cheapened Lives - Convenient Deaths

An interesting area of concern raised by this so-called Healthcare Bill being promoted by President Obama and Liberals throughout the country is that of the elderly and the not so hidden reality that the bill will likely lead to the rationing and ultimately withholding of medical treatment from the elderly because in reality it is not “cost effective” to continue extending their lives.

Picture an 80-something grandmother who requires more chemotherapy or Alzheimer’s treatments or additional MRIs to try and diagnose her persistent fainting spells. To the liberals (translation: ungodly) proponents of the so-called healthcare bill, it is impractical to spend “scarce resources” on this life that is going to end shortly anyway. Sure it sounds insidious, but think about it: it is no different than the already raging reality of ending the life of the child unborn, because it will be impractical to spend “money or emotional energy we don’t have” to raise it to adulthood. Make no mistake about …