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Open Letter to the Boston Globe's Editorial Page (12/25/07)

This post is an open letter to James Carroll (Op-Ed writer for the Boston Globe) on his article which appeared on the Globe's website on December 25th, 2007.

Mr. Carroll...I admire your piece as ostensibly a Christmas Day tribute to Jesus Christ, however as I see it, yours is an example of the misunderstanding (or understatement) of the true message left by Jesus and now carried out today by His Holy Spirit in the lives of common people. To illustrate my point, I have taken the liberty to excerpt a few points taken directly from quotes throughout your piece. My point here is not to deride for the sake of being contrarian or argumentative, but to perhaps provide some sharper points of clarity on the Jesus about which you write. Your quotes are in bold below:

"Those who in the first place had come to love him did not give up their affection for him." It was in that "not giving up affection" for the dead Jesus that the Jesus movement was born.
Jesus' followers do…