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From Law & Order to Heaven

I was watching an episode of Law & Order the other night where a young girl with some type of “cognitive disability” was a main character. She was a witness to an attack on her mother. The girl’s disability rendered her incapable of deception, so the cops used her as their star witness because she would not lie. Watching her in this episode was such a refreshing diversion from the sick, disingenuous and perverted world in which we live, and which so realistically is portrayed on virtually all Law & Order programs. This terrific little girl was so endearing and honest, as she exposed the deception of her father (who was not the attacker), and the people that her adulterous mother allowed into their lives. There was a scene in which she in the most innocent and pure personality imaginable contradicted her father to the police (while he sat present in the room), and then when finished, she ran over to him and gave him a big bear hug smiling in his face, her true love for him comp…