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Paper or Plastic?

I was on the checkout line at a local supermarket yesterday when I overheard the checkout lady ask the customer in front of me “if she was a born again believer in Jesus Christ?” I was so pleasantly surprised to hear the question (as it is a very rare thing to hear in the routine of day to day living – at least in my life), but ironically, my first thought was not one of “what is the answer going to be?” My first thought sorry to say was, “I wonder if she is allowed to say that?” How sad! In my preoccupation with the sick legalism of our modern American society, I thoroughly missed the answer of the shopper in front of me! Wasn’t I more interested also whether here before me was another believer in Jesus Christ? As it turned out, I never did focus on the lady’s answer, because before I knew it, I was having my two pieces of groceries checked out by this very blessed young cashier (she could not have been more than 22 years old). As she completed the total for my groceries, the cashier…

God Returns to Europe?

In my reading this morning I happen to come across an article called "Breeding for God". It makes a case for the inevitable demise of secular (non-religious) societies bit incorrectly uses among other reasons, the rise of Muslim and other so-called religious populations and their devote religiosity for part of the reason of such demise.

To be certain, there is no mention in the Bible of the tenets of the Muslim religion as being a part of the spreading of God’s teaching. This is simply one of many errors in this article. However, the article is absolutely correct in forecasting the demise of the secular societies of Western Europe (as well as those elsewhere in the world), due among many things to simple population redistribution. For one thing, secular societies directly or indirectly promote behavior that suppresses population growth. Abortions do not increase populations - it suppresses them. Gay lifestyles do not produce children - it tangibly reduces the opportunity for …

Oprah: “Jesus not the only Way”

Never let it be said that the devil is unaware of how to “make friends and influence people”. Take the case of Oprah Winfrey (who I am not calling "the devil"). I will say that I know little about her life, except to say that it appears that at one point, prior to her current mega financial success story, she was a young woman from apparently humble beginnings (by the world's standards) who was once exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since then, she has worked her way up the media ladder to the lofty position she now holds. However the “power” that comes with her current position along with the compromises about Christ that must be made in order to maintain a celebrated relationship with the entertainment industry, leads to the inevitable presentation that is captured from her show in the following clip:

"Jesus not the only way" - Oprah Winfrey

In this clip Oprah indirectly suggests that Jesus was a liar when He said the following in John 14:6 - Jesus answere…

Bono and Abstinence

I am sitting here watching Bono and Bobby Shriver on TV talking about a new initiative called (Red) which is aimed at using the color and the association to Bono arguably the most popular singer of the most popular rock band in the world, to galvanize people to purchase products and services associated with his Red promotion in an effort to raise funds to fight the spread of AIDS. I must say that as far back as 1982 when I first became a fan of Bono’s band U2, he has always come across as a genuine humanitarian, a rock star (though he wasn’t as big back then) who was very concerned about his fellow man. I applaud him mightily and I hope that his new venture succeeds in a big way.

Unfortunately however, as I have written about previously, AIDS is emblematic of the human weakness of man combined with the human efforts of man, to attempt to fix a problem that only has a biblically directed solution: that being abstinence from sex when it’s circumstances are inappropriate and “morally” wro…

The Christ-like Faith of the Amish

What a blessing it is to see the dignity, humility and true representation of Christian living displayed by the Amish people this week, in the face of the horrible violence inflicted upon them by a suicidal man fighting the demons of the secular world which drove him to kill five innocent Amish girls in the name of so-called “revenge”.

The Amish lifestyle is probably looked on strangely by the rest of society given their rejection of most things modern including electricity and other things industrial. Their quiet lifestyle however is an aspect of living out their life following true Christian principles, oftentimes far more so than the rest of their Christian brothers and sisters (myself included). Their lives reflect true biblical principles such as: Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands, just as we instructed you before. Then people who are not Christians will respect the way you live, and you will not need to depend on others.…