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An Anti-Christ Population?

One of the many ‘creepy’ things about the Obama cult following is how much it would appear to mirror that type of sycophantic response we Christians expect from the world populace when the Anti-Christ appears on the scene. Now before readers start screaming at me, please note that I am NOT calling President Obama the Anti-Christ. I would not do so without what I would consider ironclad biblical evidence. What I am saying though is that the way people have evidently en-masses agreed that this man is worthy of the type of hyperbole that I have not witnessed ever being afforded to another human being is quite astonishing and to me very revealing about the readiness of our world for the character that the Bible predicts will deceive many, so much so that they will swear their eternal allegiance to him. Here are a few items of scripture to illustrate the point:

Jesus told them, “Don’t let anyone mislead you, for many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah.’ They will deceive many…

Plane Crash Christianity

The passengers on the miracle crash landing of US Airways Flight# 1549 that landed in New York’s Hudson River recently evidently experienced a phenomenon that I’m sure many Christian air travelers have thought about once or twice. The high likelihood that when faced with imminent death, many people will involuntarily lose their veneer of independence from God, and call on His name for…salvation, mercy, miracles, repentance or all of the above. To be certain, many of the people who were on this US Airways flight recalled the praying that took place on that brief flight prior to impact with the river. This was captured by a passenger in this news story below:

After he (the pilot) told us prepare for impact, it was pretty evident we were not going to make the runway." At first, it felt like the plane was gliding, Berretta said, as if no engines were working."People started praying, and there was a lot of silence, and the realization that we were going in was really hard …

A Global Warming Irony

I must state up front that I am not a believer in the Global Warming hysteria. Honestly, I don’t believe in Global Warming primarily because of the make-up of the crowd who do. I am not a scientist, so I have no idea whether or not the earth is truly warming beyond dangerous levels caused by “human activity”. There is however an irony at work in the global warming headlines that I know points to a truth that most of the global warming worshippers WILL miss.

With so called global warming, the effects of the sun is coming closer to us and will eventually cause the demise of many IF we don’t change our behavior; IF we don’t stop polluting our world with our filth. This may or may not be true. However this much I know is certain: the effects of the Son (Jesus the Christ) is coming closer to us and will eventually cause the demise of many IF we don’t change our behavior; IF we don’t repent (individually) for polluting the world with our filthy behavior and acknowledge the Son who’s return …

Kurt Warner Thanks Jesus

I just finished watching the Arizona Cardinals win the NFC Football Championship to make it into the Super Bowl. I’m not ordinarily a Cardinals fan, but I found myself rooting greatly for them due to the overt Christianity of their quarterback Kurt Warner.

During the victory presentation, when asked to comment on how he was feeling, Kurt’s first words were to “give thanks to his Lord & Savior Jesus Christ”. My thoughts then and there was that you can’t always tell a true Christian when they give God thanks for their success, but you can always tell a true Christian when they give Jesus thanks for their success. God bless you Kurt. You represent our Lord well. Go Cardinals.

Their Blood---about 200 Miles Long

The Book of Revelation covers some incredible scenes of horror and bloodshed. So much so that it scares many people into not reading it. “It’s too scary…” someone once said to me as to why they had not read it. The fact that it is a prophetic book about future events for this world should be the scary thing for many of us. One particular event that is incredibly horrific is the account of one of Christ’s judgment that is subtitled by many Bibles under the heading “The Earth Is Harvested”.

I looked and saw a bright cloud, and someone who seemed to be the Son of Man was sitting on the cloud. He wore a gold crown on his head and held a sharp sickle in his hand. An angel came out of the temple and shouted, "Start cutting with your sickle! Harvest season is here, and all crops on earth are ripe." The one on the cloud swung his sickle and harvested the crops. Another angel with a sharp sickle then came out of the temple in heaven. After this, an angel with power over fire came fro…

The Day or Hour No One Knows

This post title is a from scripture spoken by Jesus Christ in reference to the knowledge of the date and time of His return to Earth. Needless to say it has developed into a very controversial topic as many people throughout the years have claimed to know when the Christ will return. All who have set this date in the past have obviously failed at this task, while there are others who claim “legitimacy” on this issue with future dates in mind. My own opinion on it isn’t quite so ambitious. In my humble opinion, “no one knows”. Albeit not a very original thought – but then again I welcome being in the company of my Lord Jesus Christ on this issue.

I thought about this scripture one New Year’s morning as I watched the revelers on TV celebrate the arrival of 2009. I wondered if indeed this was to be the year of Christ’s return. And if He did return, would the New Year’s revelers enjoy that event as much as they enjoyed the revelry of ringing in the new year? As a Christian I certainly hope…