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British Airways vs. Jesus Christ

Recently I wrote about the controversy spawned by airliner British Airways over its decision to force an employee to discontinue wearing a cross around her neck because they felt that it was offensive to others. The ridiculous decision created a firestorm of protests from all around the world, and in a predictably financially motivated reversal, British Airways has now relented on the policy, and “…have decided to allow some flexibility for individuals to wear a symbol of faith on a chain.” So states airline Chairman Willie Walsh.

However listen to this additional statement on the part of the Chairman: "Our uniform is one of the most powerful symbols of our company and heritage. Our staff wear it with pride and our customers recognize and value it. "This modification will enable staff to wear symbols of faith openly without detracting from the uniform." So, it seems Mr. Walsh is making things perfectly clear where British Airways stands. In the pecking order of important…