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The Pursuit of Happiness

Recently my wife and I were discussing the issue of people's perpetual search for happiness. Here in the western world, from the time we are small we are constantly bombarded with so-called enablers to happiness: toys, clothes, a beautiful mate, money, cars, houses, vacations, status etc. The result is oftentimes the perpetual pursuit of one or more of these "tangible" rewards towards our satisfaction. Sound familiar? The all too common result however is that the achievement of one or more of these and other goals or pursuits never really brings the so-called happiness that one is often seeking. Oh it may be satisfying for a time, but the pursuit usually picks up again for the next accomplishment towards that elusive happiness goal. The parallel universe of this happiness axiom also is the failure to achieve your pursuit. Also perhaps the loss of the pursuit. The loss of a mate (married or not); the job loss; the reduction in earning power etc. These outcomes oftentim…