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Why should We Fear the Lord?

The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom; So says the Bible in the first chapter of the Wisdom Book of Proverbs. As with many things in the Bible, it is simplistically stated, in other words, placed on the easily reached ledge of human understanding so that the “common man” may reach it and understand. But there too is the rub: from the beginning of time right through to the current day, the societal elites would rather move the wisdom ledge up a few notches so that they become the gatekeepers of “knowledge and wisdom”. Into this battle steps the endearing simplicity of God’s scripture. God is saying, “Fear Me”. Fear Me as an ant should fear a giant human being as they co-exist in the nature of life. Not because the human being has any natural predisposition to destroy the ant but because he has the capacity to do so.

It is the Fear of the Lord that spurs Christians to live in awe of Him. God is an awesome being. Just stop for a minute and consider the natural world. You know, t…