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Our Private Religion?

I find the political and regulatory demand that churches must refrain from supporting political candidates to be an interesting study in how self avowed Christians worship God. By regulatory law, Churches cannot openly support one candidate in a political race or else risk their tax-exempt status. By cultural “law” Christians are told that their Christianity should be private. It should not be part of their political thinking. Of course that demand is typically made by people who are not informed about the true tenets of Christianity –a Christian is WHO you are, NOT what you do. You should behave as a Christian in your home watching TV, in your car driving around, in the mall shopping and YES in the voting booth voting for a political candidate.

People who are not truly submitted to God’s complete leading can easily, and subconsciously, turn on and turn off their being led by the Word of God. “My Christianity is private” (or the more sanitized) “my religion is private” is what you will…