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Angry at God

I was having a conversation with a friend today and she described a close relative who is going through chemotherapy to treat an inoperable brain tumor. In inquiring how I could pray for the relative, I happen to ask if she was strong in her faith (since she was described to me previously as a Christian). My friend replied that no her relative was not very strong in her faith and was infact angry at God for causing her to go through such misery. This did help me to understand how to pray more specifically for this lady. Not only do I pray (to God) for healing of her tumor, but I pray just as much for understanding about how much God loves her as she is going through this difficulty.

This issue is a very common one for many people, Christian and non believers alike. Either they or someone they know is going through deep difficulties, maybe even the loss of a loved one. They are perplexed and angry at the so-called loving God who is putting them through this misery. What kind of lov…