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Lusting or Nakedness?

My wife and I were having a conversation this morning over the subject of sinful strongholds in the lives of men and women. We discussed how though there are similarities in these strongholds among the sexes, but more often than not, those strongholds will tend to differ based on gender. One such stronghold that we discussed was that of men's lusting, such as the desire even compulsion of men to stare at women's body parts, in person, on TV, on the Internet or in Magazines. To be sure, this is indeed a sinful stronghold among many men and some women, but one thing to understand is that it likely does not occur by itself.

I have often thought about this topic, as I like many men have dealt with this stronghold myself over the years. I think about what I consider to be one of the major themes of the Bible's Old Testament...that being the Holiness of our God and the holiness to which He calls us as Christians. The beauty of the Bible is that God never leaves us having to won…