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War in Iraq

The United States is obviously a polarized nation when it comes to the issue of whether or not we should be fighting a war in Iraq. From a biblical perspective, one can argue that liberating people from a murderous dictatorship is the right thing to do, or one could argue that to send people to die in a 'pre-emptive' war is the wrong thing to do. As Christians however, all analysis must be based on how best can Christ be glorified in the current situation? The Bible teaches that all Governments are established by God. As such, regardless of your position on the war, it was ordered by our Government. Our responsibility as Christians is to pray for our leaders. Here's a thought: if you agree with the war, pray for wisdom for our leaders to prosecute the war wisely. If you disagree with the war, pray for wisdom for our leaders to prosecute the war wisely. What a novel idea! As Christians, we can pray in agreement!

Land For Peace

Have you ever wondered how come such a small country (about the size of Rhode Island) can continue to be the target of all things violent and hate filled? Everyday, the news headlines are filled with attention (mostly negative) on this nation. The UN hates them, the Europeans loathe them, the Arabs want to destroy them and the Americans are schizophrenic about them. Of course I am referring to the State of Israel. If nothing else, it does prove the point that when God says something, all should listen.

In the Old Testament, God stated that Jerusalem will be a "burdensome stone" (Isaiah 8:14), and that "He will defend her against her enemies" (Zechariah 9:8). The irony is that most of the adversaries mentioned in the first paragraph claim officially or by behavior not to believe in the all-powerful God of Abraham, Isasac and Jacob. So in their blind zeal, they continue an all out assault on the nation of Israel, yet to no avail. The Americans (as most lukewarm believ…

Biblical Errors?

Do 'Biblical Errors' make the Bible Unreliable?

The widely accepted and used modern translations of the Bible (i.e. KJV, NIV, NASB etc.) were not the original writings of the prophets through whom God recorded His Word. However these have been the materials that God has permitted to be universally used throughout the recent centuries to bring millions of people back to Him via His message of salvation through Christ for the atonement of our sins. I doubt that when these millions get to heaven they will be concerned that they may not have been taught from Moses or Isaiah’s direct writings on parchment. This point is simply to refute the notion that a) there is only one translation of the Bible that is authentic and b) that the Bible contains errors therefore rendering it largely uncredible.

The Holy Sprit (God in Spirit form) was sent to every believer after Pentecost (Acts 2) to reveal God’s truth. I believe that the contributors of the various modern Bible translations were lar…