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Iran’s Nuke is Impotent to Israel

I have been thinking a lot lately about what will happen to fulfill God’s prophecy in Ezekiel 39. In this Bible Chapter, Israel is attacked by “an enemy from the north”, but is supernaturally delivered by God resulting in harm not to Israel but to that enemy and “her allies by the sea”. This prophecy appears to make it very clear, that no nuclear weapon developed by Iran will destroy Israel. This does not mean that Iran will not try. They could very well be among the coalition of enemies from the north that will fulfill this prophecy.

This prophecy may very well be instructive as we continue to observe the shadow dancing that is currently playing out between Israel, President Obama and the Iranian nuclear issue. Below is an excerpt from a recent news report from the Christian News From Jerusalem website:
More ominously, (Jerusalem Post Editor Caroline Glick reports) - likely from sources high up in the Israeli government - that the Obama administration has all but accepted as an irrever…

Jerusalem Divided for Peace?

There MUST be a “two-state solution” for Israel and the Palestinians. So says the Pope, Barack Obama, virtually every European Leader etc. etc. According to the learned of this world, it’s not even a question anymore. Israel must submit to a “two-state solution”. And just what is the two state solution? Ostensibly, it is one in which Israel shares ownership of the land given to them by God with the Palestinian people. For those advocating such a “solution” their opinion on whether Israel was given her land directly from God must fall into one of two camps: 1) The land was never given to Israel by God and thus this claim is bogus – thus making a liar out of the Bible or 2) The land was given to Israel by God but is subject to man’s decision to overrule that God – in the interest of “peace”. I can guess which of the these options the Palestinians, Europeans and President Obama believes. This Pope is somewhat of a question, however with him earthly pragmatism is probably trumping biblica…

Bob Marley Worships "The Lord"

I was listening to the radio this morning when the song “One Love” from Bob Marley came on. It is a wonderful song with a great message of love. However there is a line in the song that got me to thinking…the line goes something like this: “give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel alright...”

Now it’s rare that you hear a major mainstream artist like Marley incorporating praise to the Lord in their lyrics. In fact, I am certain if any established artist of today were to dare to incorporate praise “to the Lord” in their songs a) it would not be heard liberally in the media and b) that artist would probably be vilified for offending others. But alas, Bob Marley lived in a time where “the Lord” when uttered in the mainstream of public consciousness was not considered akin to a curse word. Good for him; in a way thankfully for Marley, he died before the foolishness of today's media culture truly began.

The song also got me to thinking about the phrase “the Lord”. It is not one…