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The Prison Ministry Battles

I just finished reading an article on about the struggle of prison ministries to remain active because of lawsuits being brought by organizations who ultimately want no part of God being presented to people anywhere. These organizations maintain opinions like the following: “…that state funds were used for religious indoctrination. It alleges that cooperative inmates received preferential treatment, while some Roman Catholic inmates — not embracing the evangelical approach — were denigrated”. So far according to the article, a federal judge has already ordered a prison ministry program in Iowa to be shut down:

A federal judge agreed with Americans United. He ordered the program be shut down, and said InnerChange must reimburse its $1.5 million (euro1 million) payment from the state. The case could have ramifications for faith-based programs across the United States. It's now under appeal, and the program has been allowed to continue temporarily using only private funds,…