Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Land For Peace

Have you ever wondered how come such a small country (about the size of Rhode Island) can continue to be the target of all things violent and hate filled? Everyday, the news headlines are filled with attention (mostly negative) on this nation. The UN hates them, the Europeans loathe them, the Arabs want to destroy them and the Americans are schizophrenic about them. Of course I am referring to the State of Israel. If nothing else, it does prove the point that when God says something, all should listen.

In the Old Testament, God stated that Jerusalem will be a "burdensome stone" (Isaiah 8:14), and that "He will defend her against her enemies" (Zechariah 9:8). The irony is that most of the adversaries mentioned in the first paragraph claim officially or by behavior not to believe in the all-powerful God of Abraham, Isasac and Jacob. So in their blind zeal, they continue an all out assault on the nation of Israel, yet to no avail. The Americans (as most lukewarm believers tend to be), try to walk the middle: on the one hand they consider Israel an ally, while on the other hand they are continually asking Israel to negotiaite with their enemies and give up land for 'peace'.

Throughout the Bible, the Lord is very clear that the 'promised' land belongs to Israel. He is not in the habit of changing His mind. The 'kings of the world' (America included) can fight and argue and negotiate all they want, but Israel and Jerusalem in particular will never be occupied peacefully by anyone else but the chosen people of God. So as you see and hear the politicians negotiating for peace, don't believe for a minute that it will actually happen. The Word of God is clear about this sliver of land, and He never changes His mind (except maybe for that one time with Moses - but that's another story).

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Anonymous said...

Another problem is that leaders in Europe and America who attend Christian Churches hear sermons that deny Israel's right to exist.

Some teach Replacment Theology that says the Church has replaced Israel.

Some teach Covenant Theology that says the Church is spiritual Israel.

Some teach Modified or Progressive Dispensationalism that teaches that the Church inherits the spiritual blessings of Israel's covenants.

Such teaching does not make a necessary distinction between God's program for Israel and God's program for the Church. Thus leaders who profess to be Christians or are Chrsitans do not believe Israel has a right to exist in the land today.

The only two groups of Christians who recognize the differences in God's program is Messianic Judaism and Classical and/or Pauline Dispensationalist. As a minority and with no influence in government our voice is rarely heard that Israel has the right to the land. That the Church will be raptured out a Jesus' appearing so that all the promises for Israel can be fulfilled.

A God who sends people to Hell?