Sunday, October 29, 2006

Paper or Plastic?

I was on the checkout line at a local supermarket yesterday when I overheard the checkout lady ask the customer in front of me “if she was a born again believer in Jesus Christ?” I was so pleasantly surprised to hear the question (as it is a very rare thing to hear in the routine of day to day living – at least in my life), but ironically, my first thought was not one of “what is the answer going to be?” My first thought sorry to say was, “I wonder if she is allowed to say that?” How sad! In my preoccupation with the sick legalism of our modern American society, I thoroughly missed the answer of the shopper in front of me! Wasn’t I more interested also whether here before me was another believer in Jesus Christ? As it turned out, I never did focus on the lady’s answer, because before I knew it, I was having my two pieces of groceries checked out by this very blessed young cashier (she could not have been more than 22 years old). As she completed the total for my groceries, the cashier remarked to the young man bagging for her that “she couldn’t wait for the end of her shift; and that the two hour wait would be like waiting for the end of the world!” Smiling, I remarked to her… “with someone like you based on what you just asked the previous customer, the end of the world is probably a great thing!” Smiling, both her and her even younger male bag checker both laughed, and agreed with me enthusiastically!

I could not have been on that checkout line longer than 5 minutes, but in that time, what a pleasant experience in the Name of Christ! Here were two very young people in the midst of our secular and toxic generation both enjoying their jobs and each other’s company, and smiling at the thought of heaven.

May God bless and keep them both all the days of their lives, and continue to use them to bring His glory into the routine of their everyday lives!

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