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Religious Spokespersons

You’ve seen the cycle many times: a major event takes place either in the US or somewhere in the world (Sept. 11, the Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Earthquakes) and the media anxious to get a ‘religious’ take on the events rushes to the usual religious headliners to get God’s view on the matter at hand. To be certain, many times the media gives no real credibility to God’s perspective, but the need for such an angle fits their storytelling template. Many times though not always, the religious spokesperson provides feedback and analysis of the event by emphasizing: “what I think” or “what I believe” or “my faith teaches me” and then invariably, a skeptical media and audience is then allowed reasonably to take the position of “why is your opinion any better than mine?” or “you people are just a bunch of hypocrites” (I know I used to use that one a lot). This oftentimes has the effect of rendering the words of the spokesman to be of no more value than anyone else.

The most effective response that any Christian spokesperson can provide in any circumstances is to consistently reference the Bible as their source of analysis. Quote scripture if necessary (though I would highly recommend using an easier to understand translation) but whatever you do, use God’s Word as your primary source. The Bible has something to say on virtually anything that occurs in this world. It should – God created it! By stressing scripture above “your own feelings or analysis” you effectively disarm the skeptical masses by leaving them to contrast their position against the spoken word of God. A match-up people will lose every single time.

To be honest the viewpoint of one human being is just as valid as another regardless of their theological background. Sure the theologian is more educated in his field of expertise, however this means very little to the masses who simply “don’t believe”.

The Bible says that God’s word is “sharper than a two-edge sword” (Hebrews 4:12-13) and it is more than able to defend itself and be the absolute authority on these major issue of the day – which by the way appear to be happening with more rapidity in recent times. Ironically I suspect that a skeptical world will be asking repeatedly for biblical interpretations of such events as they continue to occur with more and more frequency.


Lisa said…
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Lisa said…
Your statement: "use God’s Word as your primary source" is the FOCUS POINT of this entire message! Use His words and not our own opinions. Sadly, some Christians do not use it often in media surrounderings because possbily it is not being practiced within their daily living surroundings (home, work, etc.).

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