Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Godly Town

An interesting development taking place recently is the creation of an all-Catholic community in southwest Florida being funded extensively by Thomas Monaghan, founder of the Domino's Pizza chain. Mr. Monaghan is apparently a devout Catholic who rejects the more liberal tenets of the Catholic Church since the Vatican 2 Council of the 1960s. Actor Mel Gibson is another adherent to this view of Catholicism.

That Mr. Monaghan is attempting to do this, particularly through his own funds in collaboration with others is very understandable, when you consider the day to day existence that is becoming more and more an all out assault against Biblical principles within modern society. To be sure, there will be many Catholics who will welcome the opportunity to live largely insulated from the secular world within this community.

There may be doubts about whether this approach is biblically based particularly if it results in the reduced ability to co-mingle with unbelievers such that the light of Christ cannot be consistently shared with them by those within this community. However, perhaps the lifestyle that is generated by this community may serve to be such a positive contrast against the murder, robbery, child abuse and general mayhem of our regular society, that it will in and of itself be a witness to those “outside” who don’t believe. Certainly however, the enemies of God will be shining a harsh spotlight looking for every hint of hypocrisy within this town, and broadcasting it to the rafters if they think they find some. The combat will be interesting to watch.

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Lisa said...

Although I understand the premise, particularly with the nonsense going on in the world and in our individual neighborhoods, however is the goal to lift up Catholism or CHRIST? Christ was amongst the sinners bringing life to them. That is our responsibility as Christians. We are in the world but not of the world. We are going to face situations, including living near or among those we would otherwise prefer not too, but creating a "segment" of people in a particular area may breed further separation, prejudices and misunderstandings in the community. A Biblical approach is evangelism. Going out and sharing Christ with others who are lost to sin. Praying for your neighborhoods, community, government and nations. Being proactive and getting involved wherever you believe you can make a difference. These principles have not changed because CHRIST has not changed. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. I pray that whatever the intentions and ultimately whatever is done by Mr. Monaghan and the community that lifting up the name of CHRIST would be the priority. For the Lord said, "IF I BE LIFTED UP, I'LL DRAW ALL MEN UNTO ME".

A God who sends people to Hell?